Here Are 12 Of The Best Countries In The World To Raise A Family

Raising a family is an everyday work. These days, most parents tend to move or relocate to neighborhoods they think are most suitable to build a home and raise their kids. Some go back to their childhood homes, some factor in the places where they work, and there are some who really do their research and even relocates to other countries they think are best for raising their families.Are you one of those who want to build and raise a family in another country? here are 12 of the best countries in the world for that (in no particular order):

1. Finland

If your number one concern is your child’s education, then you might want to consider moving to Finland. This European country boasts of a really impressive education system, and most of the expats who have lived here can attest to the country’s quality of education. Finland is also one of the safest countries in the world. Who wouldn’t want to live there?

2. Slovenia

Now, if you would like your kids to be raised in a place where culture and history persists and resides, then Slovenia is one of the best choices. This beautiful country looks like a page out of a fairy tale, but also manages to offer all the amenities of a first-world country. Despite its charms, it also doesn’t hurt that a family could live comfortably in here without breaking the bank!

3. Switzerland

It’s a no-brainer that Switzerland is included in this list. The quality of living in this country is the best, and mothers, father, and kids get the best kind of benefits any country has to offer. Also, two words: Swiss chocolates.

4. Canada

Canada is also one of the most popular choices for expats with families, since the living standards in this country are very high, the healthcare system is superb, and career choices are expansive. Granted, the country’s taxes are high, but the benefits it encompasses makes up for it.

5. Mexico

Most expats who moved to Mexico agree that it is one of the best countries for raising a family. The work-life balance in this country is impressive, giving parents more time to spend with their children. Also, Mexico ranked 8th for the subindex Friendly Attitude Toward Families with Children last year.

6. South Korea

The first Asian country in this list, South Korea is one of the Tiger Nations in Asia, meaning the economy in this country is highly stable– which is good, and the quality of education your children will get is one of the best in the world. The technological advantages South Korea has are also remarkable.

7. Australia

Australia is always billed of being one of the top countries in the world that promotes a healthy lifestyle, and most of the expats agree that their health and well-being have improved since they took up residence in the country. The healthcare system of Australia is also one of the best, and there are always a lot of career options for expats.

8. Thailand

A country rich in culture, incredible cuisine, and friendly locals– those are what makes up Thailand and more. If the cost of raising a family is what concerns you the most, then Thailand is one of the best countries of choice. The cost of living in this country is so inexpensive, and apartment rent is so cheap. However, the quality of life is superb, and of course– Thailand is also a tropical paradise.

9. Japan

Discipline– that is the trait you and your family members will come to hone and master if you decide to move to Japan. Japanese citizens are so well-disciplined, that the crime rate in this country is so very low, and everything is well-organized. The language barrier may be a problem, but why not try to learn Japanese? Quality of life is also very high in Japan, and again, one reason to move here: JAPANESE. FOOD.

10. Costa Rica

If you’re looking for a country where everyone is happy and contented, then head down to Costa Rica. The quality of education here is more than average, and the infrastructure, mode of transportation, and other amenities are all of the highest class. If you and your family decide to move here, expect a simple yet comfortable life.

11. New Zealand

If you want a country with no fuss, a friendly environment, and a beautiful view to wake up to each day, then get your passport and move to New Zealand. Most expats who moved here said that it’s easy to find a home and settle in, and the locals are so family-friendly that you’ll have no problem in integrating into the society. Oh, did I also mention how beautiful New Zealand is?

12. Singapore

Now, if you want the best of everything, then the city-state of Singapore might be the next home for you and your family. Safety is a no-brainer in Singapore, career opportunities are overwhelming, and your children will get the best quality of education anywhere. The work-life balance in Singapore is also great, and not to mention the culinary paradise that awaits everyone who steps foot in the city-country.

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