15 Of The Most Beautiful Offices To Work In

The work environment meaningfully affects the employees’ productivity. In fact, a study has revealed that an average employee employs 72% of working hours at their desk. Meanwhile, nearly 50% of staffs stated that they would stay an extra hour at work each day if the surroundings were eye-catching. When ergonomic enhancements are incorporated into a worker’s environment, their efficiency improves up to 17%.

On the other hand, a work environment that is messy and unpleasant will disturb employees from performing a great job. Thus, it only proves that a beautiful workspace can improve an employee’s output significantly. With that here are 15 of the world’s most beautiful offices that will surely inspire you to do an office makeover.

1. Nothing Cardboard Bureau

Designed by the Dutch designers Alrik Koudenburg and Joost van Bleiswijk, this office features a modular system that utilizes Bleiswijk’s “No Screw, No Glue” technique. All of the tables, shelves, stairs, and beams were pulled together from cardboard, which also means a very little expenditure on the part of the establishment owner.


2. Skype Palo Alto Office

The Skype Palo Alto Office was designed by San Francisco-based architecture firm Design Blitz. It showcases dynamic and modern furniture that’s paired with non-traditional designs like fake grass and rocks. All in all, the design implies a fun work atmosphere where ingenuity is encouraged.


3. TBWA/Hakuhodo – Tokyo

The TBWA/Hakuhodo office, which was located in Tokyo features minimalist design and its architect was Klein Dytham. The building was a timeworn bowling alley in an eight-story amusement complex that’s really large and is mostly made up of woods. There were a few potted plants and the furniture is simple and practical.


4. Unilever Switzerland Office

The Unilever office that’s based in Switzerland practices the Agile Working wherein there are no definite workspaces assigned to their employees. To accomplish this, Camenzind Evolution designed the office utilizing vibrant colors and bold patterns that are placed on several desks and chairs around the office. There are also comfortable and colorful couches wherein the employees can be comfortable while doing their tasks


5. Lane Crawford Joyce Group Headquarters

Lane Crawford Joyce Group features an extensive mixture of Asian and western cultures. It has a collaborative workstation for the company’s staffs and it also has rooms such as the beauty studio and “press cage” library.


6. Microsoft Vienna Headquarters

Designed by INNOCAD Architektur, this workspace flaunts a selection of themed conference and meeting rooms like an ocean theme. All of the rooms feature comfortable and modern furniture that supplements the overall design.


7. BrandBase – Amsterdam

Based on the architect, the entire interior of this office was painted white to offer a standardized base for the pallet structures. These took the form of tables, seats and a staircase. The furniture and other particulars like staircase banisters and light fixtures were supplemented in black.


8. The Cunningham Group Hayden Place Office

Designers of this office made use of maintainable materials and wooden decorations that were manufactured by locals. The employees can cooperate more effortlessly in the office because of its open-floor design. Moreover, the unique features of this workplace are its indoor and vegetable garden in the backyard.


9. My Money Park – Basel and Zurich branches

My Money Park Basel and Zurich branches were designed by OOS AG. These offices were constructed focusing on the clients. The main feature of this workplace is the eight “tree houses” wherein the clients are engaged in one-on-one financial consultative sessions.


10. AOL Office – Palo Alto

The AOL office in Palo Alto offers its employees a youthful vibe. Its kitchen area has bench-seating and has plenty of lights. Its unique feature is the “Town Hall,” which was constructed in the center of the office to guarantee that personnel from the different sections will have the opportunity to interact with each other during their breaks.

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11. POOL Inc. – Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo-based Yoritaka Hayashi Architects was the one that designed this ad agency’s workstation. The Office’s entire inside was painted white and it features luminous tables, chairs, and shelves that were put in place to help free up the small space. Huge windows deliver natural light which relaxes what appears to be a sterile environment.


12. The LEGO Group – Denmark

This Denmark-based company employed Bosch & Fjord to design its development section and they integrated cooperation and knowledge sharing to the new design which was the company’s values. One of the main features of the development section is the reception desk that’s part of a huge, organically formed table that winds up to the room on the green floor. The table functions as a reception counter, a dining and buffet table as well.


13. The Studio by MAIO – Barcelona, Spain

Anna Puigjaner and Guillermo Lopez were the ones tasked to modernize what used to be a launderette in Barcelona, Spain. They were able to turn it into an open workroom for experts coming from different pitches of architecture and design.


14. Union Swiss Office – Cape Town, South Africa

Inhouse Brand Architects was the one that designed this skincare company that features an entirely eco-friendly work environment. The sustainability of the building is mirrored in the self-contained bamboo garden and LED lighting plus the mechanical skylight that lets natural air movement.


15. Orrick Herrington and Sutcliffe’s London Offices

TP Bennett LLP utilized warm, earth tones and elusive blue and grey colors for the Orrick Herrington and Sutcliffe’s London offices. These colors and the lenient lighting deliver a total ambience of warmth in the workplace. The huge windows help convey natural light and the modern furniture also features soft earth tones that add comfortable feel to the office.


These are the most beautiful offices that surely made the employees’ efficiency better. So, are you ready for some renovation to improve your staffs’ performance?

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