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17 Things All Men Should Know When Dating A Female Entrepreneur

These days, more and more people are leaning towards being an entrepreneur rather than working in a typical 9-5 schedule. Millennials today are more carefree, always changing, more driven and craves for more interaction with different people.

Women especially, are now harder to please. But female entrepreneurs, they’re on a whole other level. So if you’re lucky enough to date a female entrepreneur, make sure to know what you’re really getting yourself into, as dating one can be a lot of work, but also very rewarding.

Here are some things men should know when dating a female entrepreneur:

1. She might cancel some of your dates.

A female entrepreneur is always busy, and there are times when she’ll make you feel that her work is more important than you. But that isn’t always the case. Most female entrepreneurs know an opportunity when they see one, so be more understanding when she cancels on you. If she’s really into you, she’ll reschedule.

2. If you’re not goal-driven, she might bail on you.

Female entrepreneurs like to be surrounded with goal-driven people, so if you’re lazy and just like to fool around, don’t expect a second date. They’re independent and can carry themselves, so they usually look for men that are the same.

3. She can be bossy and dominant sometimes.

A female entrepreneur recognizes only one boss: herself. Therefore, if you’re dating one, expect some times where your male pride might be set aside when she’s the one making decisions for you both. She’s not doing it on purpose, she’s just used to being the one who makes the call, so if it gets uncomfortable to you, don’t be afraid to tell her that. She will never be able to get rid of that attitude, but you can both compromise.

4. She will motivate you to become a better version of yourself

Dating a female entrepreneur can be quite challenging– she operates in a fast-paced environment and expects you to keep up with her. She will motivate you to work harder, push you to the highest extent of your capabilities, and remind you of both of your goals. That’s her way of saying I love you.

5. She will be loyal.

If you’re dating a female entrepreneur, you don’t have to worry about getting cheated on. Their schedules are busy enough as it is, so she doesn’t have time to fool around. Of course, female entrepreneurs are also more mature, so they know that cheating won’t get them anywhere.

6. She knows how to appreciate the little things.

A female entrepreneur can be high-maintenance sometimes, but expect that the little things you do for her will not go unnoticed. They actually prefer efforts that may be small but genuine and sincere, than blown-up, over the top feats that are half-hearted.

7. She has no time for drama.

Don’t be that whiny, needy guy. If you don’t know how to handle yourself, your relationship with a female entrepreneur will end soon. She’s always on the go, working and looking for better opportunities, so if you have issues, tackle it quickly so you could both move on. If you drag it out, she’ll likely never going to talk with you again.

8. She’ll ask a lot of questions.

If something’s bothering her, expect her to drill you endlessly until she’s satisfied with your answers. Female entrepreneurs knows when they’re being played or fooled, so if you can’t put up with all her questioning, then dating a female entrepreneur isn’t for you.

9. She’s open to new experiences.

Be unafraid of exploring activities way beyond your comfort zone. If you’re dating a female entrepreneur, she’s always game for something different and exciting. She’s easily bored, so make sure to spice up your lives with something new every now and then.

10. She still wants to be treated like a Queen.

Female entrepreneurs can be quite intimidating at times, and although they are mostly self-sufficient and independent, they still want to be treated like every woman wants. Be a gentleman, but make sure to know where your boundaries are, as she can become disinterested when she doesn’t get her way.

11. She doesn’t get jealous easily.

Female entrepreneurs know their worth, so rarely do they get insecure about other women. If she does get jealous, that may be because you’re deliberately making her feel so, and she will know it. She will never tolerate it, so don’t expect your relationship to last long.

12. She already has both of your future mapped out in her mind.

When dating a female entrepreneur, be ready for a long-term commitment, as she expects you to be with her for a long time. That said, she already has a gist of what your future will look like, and she will do all that she can to achieve that.

13. She doesn’t believe in resolving discourse through text.

Female entrepreneurs will always prefer dealing with problems face-to-face, so if you don’t know to communicate well, then your relationship with her will go nowhere. Lashing out through text is not her thing, and she’ll just likely ignore all your messages.

14. She appreciates brute honesty.

Of course, female entrepreneurs aren’t perfect, so if you’re dating one and wants to talk about a negative attitude she displays, don’t be afraid. She’ll actually appreciate you more, as it shows that you want her to grow more beautifully as a person.

15. She will never tolerate disrespect.

You will never get away with disrespecting a female entrepreneur. In her mind, men who disrespect women are weak and aren’t worth their time. Don’t even think about getting away from being a douchebag, you will surely regret the day you decided to try.

16. She will never fall for a boy.

In her mind, a boy and a man are two very different things. For female entrepreneurs, men are those who are just like them– goal-driven, mature, and always open to new experiences. Boys are lazy, sleazy, and cares more about having a good time than building a good life. Make sure to distinguish yourself from the two if you decide to date a female entrepreneur.

17. She likes to be challenged.

Although a female entrepreneur can be dominant sometimes, a “yes-yes” kind of guy will bore her in no time. Be a man who can challenge her to look forward to more beautiful things in life, or just simply challenge her to keep both of your lives exciting and not dull. Your days with her will be more fruitful and inspiring, that I’m sure.

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