People working at office answering calls

People working at office answering callsAre you a writer or content creator looking to put your creative talent to the test? We’re always looking for more writers to contribute meaningful, valuable, and appropriately hilarious content. Please feel free to submit an application to become a contributor at Please keep in mind that due to the volume of requests we received, if we’d appreciate if you don’t follow up constantly asking about the status of your application. One follow up two weeks after you’ve submitted your application will suffice.

If you don’t hear back from us within six weeks, it’s safe to assume your application was not accepted at this time. However, you’re more than welcome to continue and resubmit your application at a later time. Often times, we’re not able to accept new writers due to the volume of requests, not anything personal pertaining to your ability or credentials.

If you’re interested please send ONE email to with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • CV
  • Samples of your writing
  • Links to your other published work
  • Links to your website (if applicable)
  • Interested beat
  • Why do you want to write for us?
  • How often can you publish?

Thank you for your interested and we look forward to working with you.