10 Steps On How To Be A Successful Social Media Influencer

Thinking of becoming a social media influencer? Believe it or not, all the glitz and glamour you usually find in the feed of your favorite influencers are actually a lot harder than it looks. Becoming a social media influencer is not just about fun filters, awesome flat lay photos, or shout-outs on Twitter. The whole thing is a business, and to achieve in that kind of business, there actually a lot of things to remember.Many have tried to become a successful social media influencer, but to be honest, only a few have achieved on becoming so. Think you got what it takes? But first, here are 10 steps that will help you on becoming a successful social media influencer:

1. Identify your niche.

What are the things you are interested in, and how are you going to promote them to your followers? This area must be properly thought about, since it’s going to be more natural promoting something you are really into. Also, you must slowly build a target audience/followers on your followers/following list, in order to be surrounded by the kind of content you are targeting.

2. Figure out what platform channels you are going to use.

Are you going to use Instagram? Snapchat? Facebook? Youtube? Or all of them? It’s great if you can adequately manage all the content in all your channels if ever you choose to make an account out of everything, but it’s also good if you can maintain your brand in a specific platform only. You can start slow. Maybe you can establish yourself in Instagram first, and then if you’ve already managed to capture a strong audience, then you can branch out to Twitter, Facebook, etc.

3. Engage with your audience wholeheartedly.

Being a great influencer is not just about amassing a million followers in your platform, it’s also about connecting and engaging with them most of the time. Prove to your followers that you care about them, and they will double the love you need in return. This is the aspect most influencers tend to forget about after a while, which is why only a few of them managed to stay aloft.

4. Connect with other influencers with the same niche.

You can try and be a successful social media influencer all by yourself, but you’re most likely to get on top quicker if you connect and be friends with other already-established influencers with the same niche. If you do this, their followers will notice you as well, gaining you more audience in your feed, and at the same time, you’ll be able to get fresh, new ideas from them as well.

5. Learn to say no.

As you get more and more established, prepare to be approached by more and more brands. This is great, but at the same time, remember your niche and target content. You don’t always have to say yes to those brands which are different from the ones you promote just for the free stuff. Keep it real, and your followers will respect you for it!

6. Provide fresh new content regularly.

Always update your feed with fresh, new content. Your followers will surely get an update from you every now and them, and if they see your feed getting stagnant, they may withdraw their support or stop following you as well. Don’t be lazy, get to work and rock it!

7. Learn how to use and master social media management tools.

There are actually a couple of nifty and efficient tools and apps that could help you engage with your audience and at the same time they can also help you easily find people and brands which are essential in expanding your online community. Learn how to use them! There’s Statusbrew, GetRiver, eClincher, Nimble, and many more!

8. Expand your community.

Don’t wait for great opportunities to come to you. At times, you really need to get out there and win them yourself. If you feel like there’s a particular brand or another influencer that you think is great to collaborate with, don’t be shy about asking them yourself (in a nice way of course!). This way, your online presence will go stronger, and your chances of partnering with more and more established brands and people will be higher.

9. Attend relevant training and seminars.

Starting out as a social media influencer can be quite confusing at times, so if there’s a seminar or training near you that teaches different social media marketing strategies, make sure to sign up! The fresh, new insights you will learn at those gatherings will surely be a great help in establishing your career as a social media influencer, and you need all the boost you can get!

10. Don’t give up!

Becoming a successful social media influencer is a long, hard journey, but always stay positive and never give up on reaching your dreams! Those famous influencers you idolize didn’t get to the top easily either. Just have patience, work hard, be open to constructive criticism, and before you know it– your subscribers have reached a million and brands are scrambling to collaborate with you. Go get it!

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