12 Of The Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency Startups

The burst of the price and distinction of Bitcoin has directed to the development of lots of other cryptocurrencies. With that being said here are the other fastest-growing cryptocurrency startups. The price and market capitalization are also provided and is based on the statistics provided by Coin Market Cap during the moment of writing, thus it might vary in the upcoming days.

1. Ethereum

  • Price: $768.69
  • Market capitalization: $75.3 billion

Among all the non-Bitcoin cryptocurrencies that are available out there, ether (the currency) or Ethereum (the name for the system) is one most possible to strike a chord. In fact, a lot of companies are principally captivated with this system due to its so-called smart contract features.

2. Ripple

  • Price: $0.88
  • Market capitalization: $34.4 billion

A lot of cryptocurrency space has been created in defiance of the customary banking space but Ripple’s intent has always been different. This is because it aims to aid the sector, mainly by simplifying global payments. The establishment revealed in a tweet that three of the top five international money transfer companies are anticipated to utilize XRP (Ripple’s cryptocurrency) for payments this year.

3. Bitcoin Cash

  • Price: $1,103.01
  • Market capitalization: $18.7 billion

One of Bitcoin’s trademarks is its decentralized system. This means that instead of a central entity coming up with decisions, a group of miners votes on things like how to enhance the system. Last year, there was a divergence within the community over how to address the scaling matters. That disagreement headed to a fork and the formation of Bitcoin Cash.

4. Cardano

  • Price: $0.25
  • Market capitalization: $6.3 billion

Similar to most of the cryptocurrencies, Ada, Cardano’s coin, can be utilized in transferring funds digitally. Nonetheless, its developers have ideas of building a platform that can run commercial applications and smart deals.

5. Litecoin

  • Price: $186.99
  • Market capitalization: $10.3 billion

Similar to Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin was also made as a fork from Bitcoin. Its chief claim to recognition is its faster payment goal. In fact, it aims to finish transactions in two-and-a-half minutes.

Litecoin can also be acquired and sold on typical exchanges like Coinbase. With the exclusion of Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, purchasing alt coins typically starts with obtaining Bitcoin or Ethereum on an exchange like Coinbase and then jumping to another exchange.


  • Price: $0.35
  • Market capitalization: $3.1 billion

Another blockchain project that is aiming to aid businesses and industries to improve things like payments and logistics is NEM. It is making an effort to set apart itself by making its blockchain extremely customizable.

7. Stellar

  • Price: $0.33
  • Market capitalization: $6.2 billion

Stellar is observing the way banks, people and payment systems move money. Its co-founder is Jed McCaleb, an expert in a still budding industry. He constructed and traded Mt. Gox, which is the first Bitcoin exchange and then went on to become the co-founder of Ripple. Stellar’s currency is being referred to as lumens.

8. NEO

  • Price: $100.41
  • Market capitalization: $6.5 billion

The cryptocurrency NEO is all about producing the structure for the “smart economy.” It is where digital properties are effortlessly moved, where digital individuality is safe and where smart contracts make all the things function efficiently.


  • Price: $1.52
  • Market capitalization: $4.2 billion

IOTA stands for Internet of Things Application. As its name suggests, IOTA is making a bet on the future of linked devices. The idea of this cryptocurrency is that as the quantity of devices connected to the Internet raises, so does the number of micropayments. That payments system will necessitate a scheme to enable that rapidly. IOTA also claims that it can offer this without charges.

10. Dash

  • Price: $519.78
  • Market capitalization: $4.1 billion

Among all of the altcoins on this roster, Dash is one the few cryptocurrencies that are intended to be utilized by people in purchasing goods and services. Dash is similar to Bitcoin despite that its founders are making an effort to learn from the errors made in building Bitcoin. It is a hybrid of digital and cash that’s thought to be faster and low-priced compared to Bitcoin.

11. Monero

  • Price: $322.60
  • Market capitalization: $5.09 billion

One of Bitcoin’s most prominent features is that it observes privacy. Though it offers pretty good confidentiality for its users, Monero targets to be completely impervious. That feature has helped it t become widely held on the dark web, where Bitcoin has become absolutely out-of-date.

12. TRON

  • Price: $0.039
  • Market capitalization: $2.58 billion

TRON is aiming to deal with Internet giants like YouTube and Facebook. It is aiming to “decentralize” the web so that artists, bands, and others can share their creations and concepts with the world without the need to depend on a “centralized services.” Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, is worth following on Twitter, too.

These are the other cryptocurrencies that are growing fast aside from Bitcoin. In case you wanted to invest in digital money, we hope that this list was able to help you in choosing which cryptocurrency suits you best.

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