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12 of the Sexiest Startup Founders You Need to Follow

Sexiness is a personal measure and it’s not just about the body figure or the looks of a person. This is also about accomplishments, power, ambitions, charm, philanthropy, fashion sense, and elegance. So if you’re a startup entrepreneur you might want to browse the sexiest startup founders listed below.

1. Brit Morin

Morin worked for Google and Apple before and when she left her job in these tech companies she started her own company in 2011. Today, she’s known as “Silicon Valley’s Martha Stewart.” Morin’s much-owned Brit + Co. is an online DIY e-commerce company.


2. Evan Spiegel

The Stanford University alumnus started his photo messaging application called Snapchat while he’s still a student. He continued building the product and it’s now one of the top 10 downloaded apps from the App Store—through his graduation way back in 2012.


3. Kim Taylor

You may distinguish this sexy startup founder as one of the celebrities from Randi Zuckerberg’s “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley” Bravo reality TV show. These days she’s putting all her effort for Ranku. For some reference, Ranku’s purpose is to help non-profit universities that have online degree programs to obtain an opportunity against for-profit ones. During the start of this company, tech experts like Mark Cuban are already investing their faith and funds for Ranku.

Photo of Kim Taylor

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4. Chris Altchek

Chris Altchek is a Harvard alumnus always had a healthy appreciation for political and economic discussions. In 2011 he followed his gut and left his comfortable job at Goldman Sachs to put up a Millennial-run, politics-centered news site PolicyMic. Altchek and his co-founder, Jake Horowitz started this news site and they not only worked together, but they also lived together in a house they rented in Harlem.


5. Rachel Brooks

Rachel Brooks started in fashion and advertising before switching to entrepreneurship. Afterwards, she officially launched her custom sales software company, the Citizen Made.

Citizen Made helps mostly Chicago-based industries build their online stores. It makes it easier for its customers to personalize, envision, purchase, and share products in diverse colors, styles, and even designs. This gives Brooks the chance to continually exercise her creativity on an everyday basis. Fun fact about Brooks: she also knows how to create her own bowties.


6. Robert Reffkin

When Robert Reffkin isn’t administrating his New York City apartment rental site Urban Compass, he’s running 50 marathons transversely each of the 50 states to raise $1 million for donations. He was previously the Chief of Staff to the President and COO of Goldman Sachs, and he also worked at McKinsey & Co.

Reffkin researches even further into his love for philanthropy by being a member on the boards of the Citizens Committee for NYC and Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx. Apart from that, he also served as founding chair of Bronx Success Academy 1 Charter School.


7. Daniella Yacobovsky and Amy Jain

Daniella Yacobovsky and Amy Jain were attending the Harvard Business School together, where they think of the idea for BaubleBar. This company is a traditional e-commerce business model. It purchases jewelry at wholesale prices from producers and the selling it for more online. Both Jain and Yocobovsky have been very successful in their business.


8. Georg Petschnigg

Georg Petschnigg obtained his Bachelor’s Degree at Columbia, his master’s at Stanford. He can speak English, German, and French. And he plays the trumpet. His application development company, called FiftyThree, is the mind behind the formation of the prize-winning drawing and graphic design iPad application Paper.

©Huffington Post UK

9. Ayah Bdeir

Bdeir has been programming when she was still 12. She originally hails from Lebanon and Canada. She put up littleBits in 2011, which is an award-winning database of microchip technology that’s being called “LEGOs for the iPad generation.”

She has been included in the Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business in 2013. She hopes that her littleBits kits will function as tools for imaginative people who wanted to construct prototypes of real products.

Photo of Ayah Bdeir


10. Travis Kalanick

Travis Kalanick is the man behind the Uber. This public transportation has been revolutionary for people who live in towns wherein transport is undependable. Using this mobile app you can just simply ping and summon a driver every time you need one. 


11. Julie Sygiel

Sygiel’s underwear company addresses the huge problem that a few women speak about. This is because Dear Kate provided underwear that is leak and stain-resistant. During her college, she developed the fabric materials being utilized in the underwear line.


12. Zach Sims

Codecademy was launched in August 2011. It was founded on the thought that anybody could learn to code and that they must be able to do it free of charge. Within its first 72 hours, there were 200,000 people started taking its lessons and educating themselves basic JavaScript. In just five months after Sims launched the Codecademy 1 million users were seen.

For a quick reference, Sims was a political science major at Columbia before he dropped out to start Codecademy.

©The Epoch Times

Are you inspired by these twelve sexiest startup founders? Hopefully yes, and soon with any luck, you might also be listed as one of the sexiest and most successful startup founders. Keep up the faith and hard work!

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