15 Great Activities For Busy Entrepreneurs To Relieve Stress

Entrepreneurship is unquestionably stressful. So if you’re one of those entrepreneurs who hasn’t found a great way to de-stress yet, then these awesome activities may help you!

1. Tai Chi

According to some specialists, Tai Chi is essentially one of the toughest forms of East Asian martial arts. This is because it combines intense physical training and mental training; therefore making it certainly perfect for entrepreneurs.

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2. Urban Hiking

In case you’re a non-runner, keep in mind that fast-paced walking offers some stern cardio burn. Aside from that, you might also discover something new in your own community, like a possible client or partner association.

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3. Boxing

Entrepreneurs and boxing go together; in fact, you can imagine that the heavy bag is that investor who turned you down. Aside from that, there’s also this so-called circuit training that’s really excellent for quick fat loss and muscle building as well.

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4. Target Shooting

Learning to accurately shoot necessitates mental stamina, focus, and it delivers a direct feeling of power, which is really useful for entrepreneurs throughout tough times. Apart from that, target shooting is also one of the best forms of self-defense.


5. Disc Golf

Disc golf is not similar to the regular golf. It is all about tossing a disc into a target which delivers instantaneous satisfaction. This de-stressing method also necessitates mental stamina and is typically played outdoors, which means you’ll also get some dose of vitamin D too.

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6. Yoga

In yoga, you have to discover the right style and the right coach for you. Maybe aerial yoga, Hatha, rock and roll yoga, or boot camp may be the right one for you. You must commit to trying out some new class or instructor each week for you t discover which one fits you.


7. Fishing

Fishing can be as physical and forceful as you want but it can also offer some peaceful setting that stressed entrepreneurs need. Being alone or in a group, you can join some fishing tour if this sport is new to you and observe if you’ll like it.

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8. Weightlifting

Weightlifting must be an essential part of every person’s workout routine. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to do it wrong, which can be risky. In case you’re a beginner or basically want a refresher course, you can sign up for a number of sessions with a trainer and afterward, make your own routine based on your own research and what you had learned.

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High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is precisely what it sounds like. You’ll be doing a high-intensity activity for a short period of time and then you’ll move on to another activity after a having a short period of rest. Aside from being relieved from stress, experts say that HIIT is considered to be one of the best options for fat loss.

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10. Dancing

Even if you think that you have two left feet, there’s surely a style of dance that fits you. Additionally, there’s a social feature that a lot of entrepreneurs may desire after hours of working alone. You may try swing, salsa, line dancing, the waltz, the fox trot, or whatever you wanted to try out.

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11. Pole Dancing

This isn’t just for women; as a matter of fact, there are pole dancing lessons that are meant for. Exotic dancing is extremely interesting as well as power inducing. It may take absolute strength to hold yourself up on the pole, and it can also be a welcome change from the long days and hours of being an entrepreneur.

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12. Intramural Team Sports

Starting from some cornhole leagues to dodgeball, you’ll surely be astonished by the number of PE-class-esque teams are out there.  As an additional bonus, a lot of teams meet up for a happy hour afterward, thus you’ll get a fun cool down after doing some much-required exercise.


13. Jumping Rope

Devoting just 10 minutes on a jumping rope can burn a huge amount of calories aside from its fun to do and helps with rhythm and balance. For an entrepreneur who has a very tight schedule, jumping rope is one of the easiest activities to integrate into their timetable.

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14. Roller Skating

Roller skating is almost similar to riding a bike, but it is set to music and without having saddle sore. Also, you can simply buy a pair and head to the park for some outdoor exploration.


15. Swimming

Swimming has been one of the safest forms of physical activity since it is very gentle on your joints while offering a killer workout. Almost all of the big box gyms have a pool for lap swimming or even free swims. You can also take some swimming lessons if you need some sort of refresher or in case you don’t know how to swim yet.

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Despite your busy schedule, it is still important to do some physical activities. Hopefully, you’ll try some of the activities mentioned above and were able to find which one really helps you in de-stressing.

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