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17 Lazy Meal Recipes for Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs

As a bootstrapping entrepreneur, we know that it’s hard to eat healthy when your timetable is really crazy. Most of the time, it seems like that you’re working 24 hours round a clock as you were trapped between business travel, meeting with clients and even catching up on emails.

But despite that, being a bootstrapping entrepreneur doesn’t have to mean eating cold cereal over the kitchen sink. With that, here are healthy go-to meal ideas that even the busiest entrepreneur can prepare.

1. Breakfast Parfait

For this recipe, all you need is a low-fat plain yogurt or even a cottage cheese may do and pre-cut fruit like diced pineapple, mango, or even peaches. You can also use canned fruits as long as they’re in juice instead of syrup. All you have to do is to dump all of them in a bowl or a mug, afterwards sprinkle some wheat germ on top, and there have it.

©Betty Crocker

2. Smoothies

Transportability makes smoothies really ideal for breakfast. You just have to pour one into an insulated mug or a bottle and then enjoy it in the car or even on the train.


3. Grilled Salmon With Nectarine

The juicy and sweet nectarines can be paired with delicate fish fillets for an excellent taste combination. But in case you can’t find nectarines, jarred mangoes or fresh peaches can be a substitute.

©Inspired Taste

4. Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are easy to prepare and if you want you can add a little garden to it. You just have to sauté organic kale, heirloom tomato, red bell pepper, and sweet onion in coconut oil up until they’re soft. You can eat it with bread slathered in almond butter. Just in case you want to have it for dinner, you don’t have to worry, no one will judge you, you’re a bootstrapping entrepreneur after all.

©The Spruce

5. Mushroom Steak and Salad

Two varieties of mushrooms plus a juicy grilled steak make this recipe quick, easy and suitable for bootstrapping entrepreneurs. This salad is also delicious and a perfect quick meal if you’re in hurry.

©Food Network UK

6. Gorp

This food isn’t just for backpacking trips anymore. Since Gorp is easy to prepare and a healthy snack, this is one of the best recipes for bootstrapping entrepreneurs. You can mix some nuts, dried fruit, coconut or whatever you like and suits your taste.


7. Bento Box 

This doesn’t need to appear really similar to Japanese Bento box. You can store it using a Tupperware container and bring it to the office, or just place on a plate. Bento box is a simple meal of crudités, hummus, and some sort of protein that will make you survive hunger.  You can keep the ingredients in your fridge at the office or you can pack them up the night before. Sounds easy, right?


8. Fruit and Chicken Pilaf

Dried fruits are an excellent source of vitamins and fibers. When combined with rice and chicken, this recipe is not just delicious but easy to prepare.

©Betty Crocker

9. Tomato and Feta Chicken

Marinating the meats cut down on carcinogens that can cultivate when protein is grilled. Plus the tomatoes are jam-packed with vitamins and micro-nutrients. You can add some feta cheese to taste then your fabulous healthy meal in a hurry is ready.

©Martha Stewart

10. Turkey Roll-ups

Even though roll-ups seem to be suitable for a kid’s lunchbox, this protein-dense lunch is good for adults, too most especially for bootstrapping entrepreneurs. The ingredients are easy to put together, then you can pack it up nicely and can be consumed with just one hand. This is the real ideal lunch for an overloaded entrepreneur.

©Culinary Hill

11. Salad in a Jar

You’re planning to eat on your desk, all you need to do in preparing the Salad in a Jar is to dump it out onto a bowl and dig in.  The layer of the ingredients must be in reverse order. Thus, the lettuce must be top and the salad dressing on the bottom. It will all appear perfectly, so give it a try!


12. Brown Rice Salad

A salad isn’t just always based on iceberg lettuce and chopped carrots. You can try this tasty, filling, and easy. Use satay sauce in dressing this salad and a touch of crisped sesame oil. You can also prepare this ahead of time without worrying that the dressing will make the salad mushy.


13. Cheese Board

There’s no other recipe that’s easier and satisfying than the cheese coupled with great bread. You just have to bring in some accompaniments and you’ll have a sumptuous lunch. You can also use variations of cheese and accompaniments, but it’s recommended to use brown or whole-grain bread as your base.


14. Tomato Barley Soup

This is a very easy soup recipe perfect for bootstrapping entrepreneurs. In fact, it only uses ingredients you possibly have in your fridge and pantry.


15. Roast Beef Wraps

The meek burrito has obtained a new life as a cold, grease-free wrap, and the best thing about it is that it’s extremely easy to put together. All you have to do is to warm the tortilla for a few seconds using a microwave, and then put all the ingredients in the center. Roll it up, slice into half, and you have an extremely nourishing meal ready to go perfectly for you crazy schedule.


16. Honey Mustard Chicken Bake

Each serving of Honey Mustard Chicken Bake offers more than 200% DV of Vitamin A. Huge thanks to tender butternut squash. You can also add some rosemary and garlic to add some flavor and spice.


17. Tex Mex Pork and Spinach Salad

In this recipe, the sautéed pork tenderloin slices are coupled with corn, spinach, and tomatoes in a cumin spiced dressing. Very simple and delicious!

©Taste of Home

These are just some of the easy and simple meals a bootstrapping entrepreneur can prepare. Just in case you think we fail to include a recipe that’s really easy, please share it with us.

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