17 Proficient Products That We Wish Already Existed Today

Many believe that necessity is the mother of all the discoveries and inventions. Nonetheless, all throughout the history, indolence has been the main driving factor behind numerous products that are invented. With that, it’s safe to assume that a part of being lazy and a portion of ingenuity might be the reasons why people come up with these proficient products that even I wish already existed today

1. Personalized Coffee Machine

The personalized coffee machine, as indicated in the photo, utilizes hand-print-recognition technology to make the perfect coffee for each individual. This machine delivers you the coffee that is according to your preferred tastes, containing the precise quantity of sugar and coffee you want.


2. Pile-up Toaster

This piece of equipment toasts the slices of bread and the moment they are crisped, they’re collected into a pile. You now no longer have to worry about leaving the bread in your oven toaster for a long time and burning it.


3. Drip-catcher Coffee Mug

If you’re annoyed with the coffee drips on the table that leaves behind dirty and very hard to eliminate stains, then the drip-catcher coffee mug is right for you. The drips of coffee are being collected at the gap just above the bottom portion of the mug, stopping them from staining the table.

©Yanko Design

4. Color Adapting Pen

This technology will surely be loved by everybody as it brings the magic wand of Photoshop into reality. Through the use of this pen, you can scan any color you want and then you can write with that color.


5. Disinfecting Towel Dryer

The disinfecting towel dryer will offer you a dry and bacteria-free towel. Your towel will be dried with heat and any persistent bacteria are sanitized through the use of UV technology.


6. Easy-to-Open Bag of Chips

With this product, you don’t have to go the customary way of opening the bag of chips from the top. This bag is really easy to open and in fact, it can be opened right in the middle.

©Trend Hunter

7. Cake Cutter and Server

This cake cutter and server combination is another resourceful product that will surely meet your needs. As its name suggests, this tool lets you c cut and serve cake in a distinct stroke.


8. Dissolvable Soap Package

The dissolvable soap package may not be available on the market as of this moment, but it’s another product that a lot of people have been expecting for a long time. You don’t have to open the soap from the package as it dissolves itself when exposed to water.

©The Disappearing Package

9. Water Sterilizer for Food

Using this piece of technology, you are assured of an absolutely sanitary and bacteria-free food. Since water might not be able to assure a bacteria-free food, this gadget will do it for you. It will sterilize the water and in doing so, the food is also being cleaned.


10. Fountain-Converting Toothbrush

The fountain-converting toothbrush isn’t just great to look at but it also would be very convenient to utilize as well. You can wash even without bending that much.


11. Date Stapler

This one would be principally convenient for offices. You wouldn’t have to staple the documents and jot down dates manually if this awesome tool existed.


12. Floating Cloud Sofa

This sofa that floats looks like of a cloud and undoubtedly feels heavenly. Nonetheless, it’s not absolutely hypothetical either since it needs gigantic magnets to make this cloud-like sofa float.


13. Alarm That Needs Workout to Turn Off

This alarm will be exceptionally effective for those of people who are setting the alarms but keeps on hitting snooze, which causes them to wake up hours after the programmed time. In order for you to turn off this alarm, you’ll have to do some exercises, which will wake you up more and offer you with some extra workout.


14. Fry Holder with Ketchup Pocket

It will be very useful most particularly while you’re traveling. You can enjoy fries with ketchup anywhere you are, whether you’re walking, traveling or even reading at a library.


15. Extensible Socket Extensions

Since we already have different kinds of socket extensions, it’s hard to recognize we haven’t had anything similar to this one. These socket extensions let you add as many outlets that you need.


16. Non-Permanent Highlighter

The highlighters are intended to highlight significant things. Nonetheless what is important can differ as time passes by. With this non-permanent highlighter, you can revise your highlights easily.


17. Printer that Utilizes Pencil Graphite Powder

This is somewhat similar to a non-permanent highlighter since, in this kind of printer, you can erase the printed texts. This makes it very ecological and efficient printer.


Which among the aforementioned products is your favorite? Let’s hope that in the near future someone will be able to invent it!

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