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17 Softwares Your Business Need To Subscribe To

Businesses have always run on systems and programs, even in the past. From the business’ workflow to the operation of processes, each part plays an integral role in the success of the company. While almost all parts of the system used to be managed by an individual, most companies today rely on software and web programs to keep their business running.

This is why investing in reliable and high-powered companies is very essential. Not only do they help maintain the productivity of the company, these software and web programs makes business easier to manage by automating processes. But which software gives the best results? Below is a list of software you need to check out:


The company behind QuickBooks, Intuit, is quite popular in the finance industry. Today, they’ve expanded to also cater to the needs of growing businesses. This program offers a huge library of templates, from time tracking to inventory management – you name it, the program probably has it. On the other hand, many users complain that the software has a bit of a learning curve before someone can use it to its fullest.


FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software that allows its users to access information no matter where they are. As your business grows, there may be times when you need to be on the go. But this is impossible if you have to stick to your computer in order for your business to continue to function. FreshBooks answers all your accounting needs while giving you the freedom to bring the business with you everywhere you go.


One disadvantage of utilizing the internet for business is the fact that systems may crash and most of the time, it happens unexpectedly. In order to avoid losing all files and documents related to work, it is essential to have a program that can serve as a backup and also restore these documents – and Mozy is one web program that can do just that.


Aside from backups and restorations, another very important aspect is security. It is most likely that your business will be using many different kinds of online services. And each service will require you to set-up an account with a password. It can become very difficult to remember all your login information so it is best to Invest in a good program that can safely store all your passwords. LastPass also has the ability to grant account access to team members without having to even reveal what your password is.


Basecamp, formerly known as 37 Signals, is a web-based project management tool. It allows its users to create both private and public to-do lists to share amongst your team members. Basecamp also has file sharing, time-tracking, and a community forum, It basically contains all the essentials needed for project management and collaboration.


Similar to Basecamp, Trello is also a web-based project management tool. In this program, users can create a list of to-do’s and organize them into categories. Trello is mostly used to collaborate with team members; each member having the ability to comment on each task and to also delegate and to tag other team members.


Asana is another popular project management that has been well-loved for many years. Just like Basecamp and Trello, Asana makes it possible to collaborate with team members in the online space. It has plenty of features that can help boost productivity, manage files and track progress. It can also be used for both web and mobile.


Evernote is an application that helps users take notes, organize lists and tasks, and share documents with others. Compared to typing files one by one, Evernote makes it easy to create and archive files on the system. Now, you never have to worry about losing files. Evernote works on both web and mobile applications.

Google Drive

Google Drive offers 15 GB of storage space for free – perfect for anyone who needs some more space to store files, photos, and other kinds of documents. Sharing is also very straightforward and users can also control the amount of accessibility on each file shared with others as well.


Similar to Google Drive, Dropbox is also a well-trusted online storage space. Choose how to share your files and documents with others and at the same time, keep important documents in a secure online space. Uploading documents onto an online storage makes it possible to access any file you need even when you’re on the go.


Crashplan is a revolutionary online backup service with a very clean and modern interface. Any business that operates online knows that it is important to keep files safe and secured. CrashPlan is one company that offers top-notch quality and in varying, affordable plans.


When it comes to business, security is a must – whether it be online or offline. Keep you and your customers’ information safe by investing in a powerful cybersecurity service like MacAfee.


MailChimp has been the go-to email marketing system for many years. In today’s business world, it is crucial that companies keep in touch with their customers online. Since everyone is online nowadays, companies should make their presence felt – and the best way to start is by creating an eye-catching campaign on a well-trusted email marketing services provider.


In order to keep the business current, it is important to create and be active on social media. Save yourself some time by using Hootsuite. This program allows you to create and schedule your social media posts. No need to worry about posting during the right time, now you can have it automated with Hootsuite.


Marketing online is a whole new other world compared to marketing offline. Social media marketing is a lot more measurable and with Sprout Social, users get to see those measurements in detail. Manage your social media efforts and analyze which campaigns work and which ones need improvement by using Sprout Social.


Slack is a well-loved cloud-based collaboration tool. It offers the ability to communicate with team members, whether in a group chat or by private messaging. It also has file management and file sharing features – basically, everything you need in order to work online with your team members.


Favro is another popular project management tool online. With advanced collaboration features, it gives users the flexibility to restructure the organization. It is also said to provide more overview compared to other project management tools.

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