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Top 15 Young Entrepreneur Success Stories That’ll Inspire You

Many of us wanted to become successful entrepreneurs and in case you’re one of them and you’re currently facing some challenges with your business, this article will surely help you. Here are 17 of the best success stories of young entrepreneurs that will definitely give you the dose of motivation you need.

1. Adora Svitak (Tiny Literary Giant)

Adora was just 12-year-old when she has published two books and moved from being a successful writer into an effective speaker and teacher. She also had spoken at over 400 schools and presented at the yearly TED conference. Adora was also featured on Good Morning America and on CNN.

2. Savannah Britt (Youngest Magazine Publisher)

Savannah has started her own publication, which was a magazine called Girlpez.  Being able to publish it made her the youngest magazine publisher in the world. Girlpez flaunts coverage of events, like fashion shows and concerts, together with some interviews with the likes of Kevin Rudolf, Shwayze, and Dawn from Dannity Kane.

3. Philip Hartman (Young Inventor of the Year)

Philip is a home-schooled senior high school senior and at the age of 15, he bagged the 2008 Young Inventor of the Year award. He was able to invent a new method for blending optical fibers and he also had an invention that releases steam onto a windshield that’s capable of melting a frost-covered windshield in just 15 seconds.

4. Alex Fraiser (World’s Top Young Blogger)

Alex, who is then 16 and his business partner Seth Waite, released their first product, which was a web theme modeled after Blogussion’s unique style. Their initial product immediately ramps up to success. Having an Alexa ranking under 20,000, Blogussion became the highest ranking blog by a 16-year-old on the Internet in 2008.

5. Farrhad Acidwalla (Top Young Indian Entrepreneur)

Farrhad has released the Rockstah Media, a cutting-edge firm that’s devoted to web development, marketing, branding, and advertisement. It is just more than a year old at that time it has been recognized, but it has clients and a full-fledged team of developers, designers and market tacticians that are located around the globe.

6. Mark Bao (Owner of 11 Companies, 3 Foundations)

At the age of 17-year-old, Mark has already launched 11 web-based firms and was able to sell three of them. He also founded three non-profit foundations. Some of his ventures include the TickrTalk, the Ramamia Foundation, Classleaf, and Avecora – a technology network that was launched in 2013.

7. Stanley Tang (Instant Best-Selling Author)

Stanley published ‘eMillions’, which whizzed straight as one of the Amazon Best-Seller. He was just 14 years old when he became the world’s youngest best-selling author.

8. Adam Horwitz ($1.5 Milion in Just Three Days)

Adam has learned from his blunders and was able to teach people how to produce money online. His courses like the ‘Tycoon Cash Flow’ and ‘Cell Phone Treasure’, was able to earn over $100,000. Another course named ‘Mobile Monopoly’, bagged $1.5 in just three days and set all categories of conglomerate marketing records.

9. King Sidharth (The Outlaw Entrepreneur)

At a young age, King has been a speaker, magazine publisher, author, rad dude, and has organized a conference for teenagers called Createens. It gave the young ones an opportunity to learn about blogging, entrepreneurship, and a lot more from worldwide experts.

10. Arjun Rai (Teen Battling Google)

Arjun had become the COO of a rapidly growing online advertising company, but he soon set off to keep an eye on his own, exceptional vision. That dream is a brand-new project called odysseyAds. It’s an online advertising network with that focuses on catering the needs of 21st-century marketer.

11. Syed Balkhi (Social Media Prodigy)

Syed together with his handful of his college friends was able to start a prosperous web service enterprise called Uzzz Productions. His blog for WordPress novices, WPBeginner, has been up since July 2009 and already draws an implausible 145,000 exclusive visitors every month.

12. Keith J. Davis Jr. (Entrepreneur of all Trades)

Keith is just 19 when he became an entrepreneur of all trades and he’s gone from his middle school’s ‘bubble gum man’ into a college freshman at the University of Houston. In some way, he was able to find time to become a local known public speaker, model, actor, author and, newspaper publisher.

13. Ben Weissenstein (Major League Young Entrepreneur)

Ben along with his business was featured in the Entrepreneur Magazine and on the Dr. Phil Show. He has founded the Entitled Group, an enterprise that helps musical artists, and he’s granting Grand Slam Garage Sales, a garage auction service.

14. Sabirul Islam (Fired at 13 But Became a Founder in 14)

Sabirul was able to self-publish his first book entitled ‘The World at Your Feet’, at the age 17. He was able to sell 60,000 copies, released a board game, become a globe-scampering public speaker with over 600 speaking activities, and founded his own publishing company for hopeful teen authors.

15. Lindsay Manseau (Beyond Freelance Photography)

Lindsay was able to photograph 25 weddings in 2009 as a freelancer. Her business was flourishing, but she wanted a better way to connect with the couples and the wedding industry. With that, Lindsay began rising My Marriage Market, which was an online platform where couples and sellers will be of connecting with each other.

Were you able to visualize yourself with one of these young entrepreneurs? In case yes, we hope that you’ll become successful like them too! Keep working hard and pursuing your goals and ambitions for your business.

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